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Looking for Hoarder Cleaning Services near Las Vegas ? Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving is the premier Hoarder Cleaning Service in the Las Vegas. A Hoarding cleanup service is just one step in the process of helping someone affected by hoarding. Hoarding cleanup can pose several health threats, from bacteria growth to animal feces and rodent infestation. Best Hoarder Cleaning Services in Las Vegas NV. Cost?

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At Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving professional Hoarder Cleaning Services. Our crews consist of background-checked, drug-tested, and highly trained individuals who know how to clean out the home of a hoarder in a productive, efficient, and caring manner. We understand that hoarding cleanup is an emotional experience, and Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving team is experienced to handle every step of the process, doing so in a discreet and careful manner.

Every hoarding cleanup job is different, and we know how to discreetly enter a hoarder’s home, clean up the accumulation of paper, objects, garbage, or whatever items have overcrowded the home to the point of being a safety hazard, and leave a home in a safe, clean, and health condition.

As a part of our hoarding cleanup services, we offer:

  • Hazardous waste removal, including animal droppings and other biohazardous materials
  • Repair services for any areas of the home that have become damaged from the over- cluttered and/or unsanitary conditions
  • Documentation of the cleanup process
  • Donation of unwanted items to charity
  • Electronics recycling
  • Valuable recovery
  • Trash removal
  • Organizing, deep cleaning, and disinfecting services
  • And much more


Hoarding Clean Up

Address Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving specializes in Hoarding Clean Up, our staff knows how to relate and treat a hoarder. Hoarding Clean Up is a serious issue, and dealing with the hoarder and realizing what the reasons they have become a hoarder is important to solving the hoarding issue. Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving team know how important it is to work with the hoarder for the hoarding clean up situation.

Clutter Cleaning

Clutter Clean Up can vary from a few rooms needing major cleanup to a whole house. Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving professional staff is trained and experienced in making sure your home or building is free of cluttered items. Call us for more information on Clutter Clean Up services near you at Las Vegas NV.

Valet Trash

Valet Trash service makes sure that your tenants are happy and helps to make the property clean from any trash or tripping hazards near the dumpster. Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving team comes to the property to remove the trash from your tenants door so they don’t have to drag it across the property to the dumpster.

Animal Hoarding Clean Up

Feces and pet urine can be dangerous hazards to anyone’s health and animal hoarding conditions can be very severe. When cleaning up after animal hoarders, it’s important to realize and hire someone with the proper training because if the staff is not properly trained it could cause health problems for everyone involved. Address Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving deals with animal hoarding situations.

Organizing and Sorting

There are many specialties that Address Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving deals with on a daily basis and Organization and Sorting is one of the most important aspects to keeping a home or building clean. Address Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving not only comes in to clean you home but we help you go through the items and sort through all the unwanted items and all the items that you feel you want to throw away or give to charity.

Junk Removal

Address Our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving services at Las Vegas NV, all Junk Removal services whether they are small or large, we can bring a truck for a small pick-up of a few items or come with a dumpster and take away half your home. The company works seven days a week, Just leave us a message and we will respond back to you as quickly as possible.

Estate Cleanout

Estate Cleanout services and Estate Preparation Management services can be handled by our Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving team of experts who specialize in homes which need just a large cleanup or a full estate preparation provider. Speak to our estate cleanout Las Vegas NV team today to see how we can help you.

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