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Junk Removal Cost How Much Does Junk & Trash Removal Service Cost In Las Vegas NV?
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Junk Removal Cost Las Vegas NV: Do you want to learn how much does junk removal cost in Las Vegas NV? Here are the average prices Las Vegas junk removal companies charge in 2018. Call Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving to get a free junk removal cost estimate? Our junk removal rates are half of other big companies! The average cost for full truck junk removal in Las Vegas is $99-548. Pricing for full truck junk removal in Las Vegas includes 420 to 480 cubic ft. Best junk removal service in Las Vegas NV. Cost of Junk Removal? Free estimates! Call today or book Junk Removal online fast!



Junk Removal Cost Las Vegas

Junk is less dangerous than other types of waste, but it can be bulky. Generally speaking, junk waste removal usually involves the removal of large items (e.g., appliances, tires, pianos, etc.) that will require two or more people to haul away to a landfill or other specified location.
Removal prices will reflect level of difficulty, costing about:
$40 for major appliances
$70 for large furniture pieces
$150 for an outdoor hot tub

Free junk removal estimates! Send us a message or schedule a junk removal in Las Vegas NV!

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Average Trash and Junk Removal Prices Las Vegas
Usually, making a trip to the dump to get rid of yard waste, appliances and smaller garbage loads is no big deal. But sometimes you need help with the bigger loads. On average, homeowners pay between $137 and $364 for junk removal, though costs depend largely on contents, volume and service policies.
Trash removal is usually offered as part of your city utilities. But there are also independent companies who sometimes offer the service at a lower price. Trash removal generally costs:
Monthly: $10 to $40
Annually: $140 to $250
These costs do not include a one-time setup fee, which may fall anywhere between $30 and $50. (Note: This cost guide and its chart DO NOT include the costs for trash removal. Please contact your local city provider or private companies for true fee schedules.)
By Item:
Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and are considered hazardous waste. If you decide to upgrade your home to CFL and LED lighting, you may have to have your fluorescent lights professionally removed. This will cost an average of $.10 to $.50 per foot.
Freezer and Refrigerator
Since large appliances like freezers and refrigerators contain gas freon, they cannot be thrown away without posing a threat to the ozone layer. You’ll need to hire a waste removal service to junk them properly. This will cost an average of $30 to $50 per unit.
Latex Paint
Since latex paint cannot be recycled and must either be dried out or thrown away, it can’t just be tossed into the garbage. Most often, you’ll need to have it professionally removed. A junk removal service will charge about $10 per gallon.
You can recycle some types of tires, but there are limitations at transfer stations. A professional service will charge per four tires. With rims, it will cost $10 – $15 per tire; without rims, you could pay around $5 to $10.
Because pianos are so heavy, it’s likely that you’ll need a waste removal service to haul your old piano away. The average cost to get rid of piano is about $50 to $100, depending on the type of piano and any extenuating circumstances involved in getting it out of the home.
Planning for Junk and Debris Removal
Waste removal services may offer bulk or itemized pricing, depending on the type of waste. Usually, a professional will look at everything and determine a final price based on the materials involved, the manner in which the company charges (by truckload or by item) and your location in proximity to their company’s base and the landfill. You can save some time — and maybe even a few dollars — by assembling everything together prior to pick up. And, you can take easily transported junk waste to the landfill yourself.
How Do Junk Removal Professionals Charge
Most junk removal services charge two fees — one for either the type or size of the junk and one for either the amount of truckloads or the total time it takes to haul the junk. Additional charges may include fees for delivering waste to its proper place. This is because some items have special delivery needs — paint, freezers, A/C units, fluorescents, etc. — and cannot be left in landfills. Be sure to have a list of all of the items you need professionally removed, especially if some have special requirements.
You will also be charged for labor — especially if the job takes more than one hour or takes more than their default number of waste removal professionals. Homeowners who pay for waste removal will:
Have all of their items sorted and delivered to a landfill or other proper delivery area.
Have their home, garage or landscape properly cleaned following the removal
Get a team that can easily remove all of the debris
It’s worth noting that:
Most junk removal services don’t take chemicals or hazardous products. You need to call your local garbage or waste collection company to address these.
If you have recyclable trash, save yourself some money and see whether a free hauling company will pick it up.
Take advantage of this service by getting everything out of your home at once.

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The Best Junk Removal Companies in Las Vegas, NE
Whether you are looking to throw away large household items like broken appliances or old furniture, or are just trying to clean up your home or yard, junk removal companies in Las Vegas are here to help de-clutter your space quickly and efficiently. No license is required to perform junk removal in Las Vegas so Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving takes care to partner with companies that have experience, perform background checks on employees and don’t overcharge.
Las Vegas Junk Removal Costs

What Can Las Vegas Junk Haulers Take Away?
If your garage, attic or house is full of old junk, chances are all of it can be hauled away today. Moreover you probably won’t miss any of it, and the relatively low cost is a great deal compared to reclaiming your space. Examples of what some junk haulers in Las Vegas take away include:

Questions To Get Started
Before you even call a junk hauler in Las Vegas you want to write down specific questions that will help you make an educated choice in hiring the right specialist to remove your waste.
1. Determine what level of service is provided. Do they load the junk truck themselves? Do you need to place all items on the curb or will they gather it for you? Do you need to separate items that can be recycled? *If you require the removal of larger (anything over 10 ft.) or specialty items, be sure to ask whether these items can be removed.
2. Estimate process. Do you charge by portion of junk truck filled up or by weight? Can I send pictures to get a more accurate estimate over the phone? For the most accurate estimate for the cost of junk removal in Las Vegas an on-site review at your home or office is the only way to go, as customers typically underestimate the volume of garbage. Most haulers charge by the portion of the truck that is used, and that is very hard for homeowners to conceptualize.
3. Do you pick up junk on weekends? Saturday is often the most convenient day for customers. Most haulers do not work Sundays but it can be negotiated.
4. Do you hold any type of certification or insurance? While a license is not required to operate, knowing if they have a disposal certification can help as additional training can give them an edge. Removing some items such as hazardous waste or medical waste, may require special certification so even if only a tiny portion of your junk is affected you will need a specialist. Also, hiring a company that holds liability insurance or worker’s compensation ensures that you will not be held liable if an accident or damage occurs during the job.
5. Do you offer junk recycling? Unfortunately not all companies provide recycling for your unwanted junk. Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving approved junk removal services in Las Vegas go the extra step to recycle as much as possible. This not only helps the environment, but it is the responsible way to dispose of junk, eliminating the need to keep overfilling landfills.

6. Is there anything that I cannot include?
While Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving partners are able to remove nearly any type of waste from your home or property there are some select items that cannot be hauled. The following items must be separated from your junk and cannot be hauled unless you work with an industry specialist:

  • Asbestos
  • Oil drums/oil tanks
  • Anything radioactive
  • Hazardous items (paint cans, varnishes, antifreeze, household chemicals, detergents, used motor oil, pesticides, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, propane gas tanks and fuels.)
  • Explosives
  • Medical waste (syringes, biomedical products)
  • Highly flammable
  • Animal carcasses – (presents health dangers to junk haulers)

7. Do you provide same day junk pickups? Yes! Same day junk pick up is available in most parts of Las Vegas but be sure to request service before 10 am to get on the schedule.
Las Vegas Junk Removal Experts Are Here For You
Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving will make sure you only work with reputable and experienced expert junk haulers in Las Vegas who will get rid of unnecessary clutter from your home or office. Get started now, haulers are ready to provide a quote, have the experience and knowledge in handling all types of waste and are available in your area.
Note that if you need scrap metal removal, verify certification from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) and make sure they offer recycling. Recycling is an economical and eco-friendly way to reuse items that may have another purpose. Some companies will even donate items that are in good condition to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill.


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