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Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV: Are you looking for the Best Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV? LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING, We will try to preserve your happy memories as much as we possibly can and we will remove it however you want it to be removed. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Motorhome Removal Services around Las Vegas NV. We serve Las Vegas NV and other areas.

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Motor home Removal

Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV: Your motorhome has been like a second home to you. You have taken it out for family camping trips or cross-country road trips. You have a lot of memories in your RV or motorhome. When it’s time to part from your RV or motorhome, you want it removed with care. Many places will gut it for parts without even thinking about the good times you had driving it around. For them, it’s all about money, but for you, you’re seeing precious memories being destroyed. To keep that from happening, you need Go LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING!


Friendly RV and Motorhome Removal

Go LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING was founded on three key principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. We focus a lot of our efforts on recycling. If we can donate any items we pick up from homes, we do. We try to donate as much as we possibly can. For RV and motorhome removals, we will see what can be useful and donated to charities. Whatever can’t be donated, can most likely be recycled for new items. Either your RV or motorhome can be scrapped and recycled for parts, or it can be recycled into a new RV or motorhome for a new family to create new memories in. When you call Go LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING for RV and Motorhome removal, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will try to preserve your happy memories as much as we possibly can and we will remove it however you want it to be removed. We will try and make the transition as smooth as possible where we handle everything!

Licensed Junk Removal

When you’re removing your RV and motorhome, it can be hard to find a company to take on all the responsibilities. It’s hard to find a company that will remove items as big as RVs and motorhomes. Go LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING is a licensed junk removal company and we supply junk removal of all sizes. No matter what size the item you want to get rid of is, we will find a way to remove it, including RVs and motorhomes. For all your junk removing needs, call us today

Motorhome Demolition Services will remove your Motor Home no matter what condition it is in.

  • Standard & customary fees apply.
  • Code Compliance says you can’t have junk in your driveway anymore.
  • There is no salvage yard or junkyard for RVs or travel trailers.
  • Because they are titled Landfills won’t take them either.


If LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING can find a place for the Motor Home to be used as is, we absolutely will.  But if it can’t be used elsewhere or is not in stable enough condition to be moved … we will dispose of it and or demolish it.

LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING can dispose of old dilapidated Motor Homes, Fire Damaged Motor Homes, Storm Damaged Motor Homes, and more…

  • Remove Items from the Motor Home
  • Remove the Motor Home
  • Remove the Tie Down Straps
  • Remove Additions
  • Remove Porches
  • Remove all leveling blocks & pads
  • Remove propane tanks
  • Remove unwanted out buildings
  • Remove dead trees
  • Remove Trash, garbage
  • Mow the Property when all items are removed
  • IN OTHER WORDS – Complete clean-up, your property!


How to Dispose of an Old Motorhome

Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV: For some people, a mobile home is a good housing option when the mobile home is new, but when it gets old and no one wants to live in it any more, mobile home disposal can be a real challenge. Too big to just throw away and usually not worth rehabbing, it may sit abandoned until someone comes along and buys the lot it sits on. The new owner may have to try several approaches to make it go away.

  • Step 1

Call metal scrapyards to find out if you can sell it for scrap, or even give it away for scrap. Mobile homes contain a good deal of steel and perhaps some aluminum and copper, and the frame and axles are made of steel. It may well be worth giving it away in exchange for having it hauled away.

  • Step 2

Call car-crushing businesses, some of which are also scrap metal yards. One of them may take it for a fee. If not, ask if they know who might take it.

  • Step 3

Dismantle it yourself or hire someone to do so; you will need to rent a contractor’s waste bin to do this. As you dismantle it, pile the pieces in the bin until it’s full, then call the company that owns the bin to haul it and its contents away. You will need to pay to rent the bin, and you will also need to pay a tipping fee for them to dump the debris at the landfill. Afterward, you will still need to get rid of the frame.

  • Step 4

Call the fire department and ask them if they would like to use it as a practice building that they can deliberately burn down. This will only work if the mobile home is on an isolated lot, and some fire departments won’t do it all. In any case, you will still need to get rid of any remaining metal and the frame.

  • Step 5

Call a heavy equipment operator who can crush it to rubble with a front-end loader, then load it in a dump truck or contractor bin. Again, you will have to pay the tipping fee, as well as the heavy equipment operator.

  • Step 6

Run a classified ad offering it as one of two things: a free hunting camp, if it is at all habitable for short periods. Or a storage shed. The taker will be responsible for hauling it away.

  • Step 7

Sell or give the frame away for scrap metal. You may have to run a classified in the free column to do so. Once the rest of it is gone, the frame should be easier to dispose of as scrap metal.


No matter what size the item you want to get rid of is, we will find a way to remove it, including RVs and motorhomes. For all your junk removing needs, call us today.


How to Remove Your Mobile Home and How Much It Costs

Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV:  The cost to remove a mobile home will vary because there’s more than one way to get the job done.

In fact, there are multiple ways.

Mobile Home Demolition

Demolition is the fastest and most inexpensive way to remove a mobile home.

It typically costs between $4,000 – $5,000 to demolish your mobile home.

However, several things will affect this price.

Factors affecting mobile home demolition cost include:

  • where you live
  • the size of your mobile home
  • the contents/weight of the home
  • the home’s accessibility

For example, if your mobile home has a shingle roof, it will require extra labor and will cost more in disposal fees.

Not only that, but the size of your mobile home and where it is located are two more huge factors in price.

Likewise, if your mobile home is full of belongings, it will cost even more.

Mobile Home Deconstruction

Deconstruction may be an option if the home is in decent structural health.

It is more expensive and time-consuming than traditional demolition, but it is much easier on the environment and can actually pay off if there are enough salvageable materials.

Mobile Home Relocation

Relocation is not an option for every mobile home. It’s quite an expensive process, significantly more than demolition reaching upwards of $7,000.

Cost of Motorhome Detailing According to Size

Motorhome Removal Services near Las Vegas NV:  How much does Motorhome cost on average?  The average RV is between 21 feet 27 feet in length.  Getting it washed and waxed will cost between $150 – $200  Having the inside cleaned will cost between $50 – $150.  This makes the average cost of having an RV completely detailed between $200 and $350.

However, there is a list of things you need to consider before you take your RV to get detailed. The price will vary according to the size of your RV and you might save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

Here is a further look at what it costs to have an RV detailed by size.

Detailing Small Motorhome

For purposes of this discussion, we’ll consider anything less than 21 feet a small RV.  These can be towable campers or small Class C motorhomes. You’ll find the price for having a small RV detailed to range from $100 – $200.

Detailing Medium Motorhome

A medium RV ranges from 21 feet to 27 feet.  They can be pull-behind campers as well as Class C motorhomes.  These are the RVs that people buy when they want to ensure that they can camp at most state and national parks.

As we mentioned earlier, expect to pay between $200 and $350 to have this size RV detailed.

Large Motorhome

A large RV is 28 feet to 39 feet in length.  Large Class A motorhomes, and towable campers can all fall within this size range.You’ll end up paying somewhere between $300 to $400 to have this size Motorhome detailed.


I have problems with my motorhome. Who can I turn to?


When you buy a mobile home from an IRM retailer, the latter will sign a contract of sale with you setting out the general conditions governing the sale and the warranty. Only the warranty conditions will apply to your mobile home. For any after-sales service problems, the retailer with which you signed your contract will be your sole contact. It will have the task of examining your after-sales service request, assessing the nature and cause of your problem, ordering any spare parts if necessary (retailers often have permanent stocks) and repairing your mobile home.


I’m looking for spare parts for older ranges. Who should I get in touch with?


Your LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING dealer (see sales network). However, after 5 years, some parts (in particular furniture) may no longer be available. The suppliers of raw materials (e.g. wooden panels) sometimes stop producing them.


How do I make an after-sales service request?


The LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING dealer must submit a written request for repairs, stating the circumstances with as much detail as possible to after-sales service.


How long does the after-sales service take?


For a spare part in stock, allow 15 days. For technical repairs, allow one to three months for recent mobile homes (spare parts in stock) or three to six months for older ones (spare parts need to be ordered from the supplier on a case-by-case basis).


I have a flat-roof mobile home and would like to convert it into a roof with two sloping sides. Is that possible?


Some craftsmen and independent companies offer that service. Your LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING or dealer (see sales network) will give you information about this. However, the structure of flat-roof mobile homes was not originally designed for a sloping roof. IRM will not accept any liability for such a conversion or the deterioration to which it might lead. The company carrying out the conversion work shall be fully liable.


Can I add air-conditioning to my motorhome?


Air conditioning is OK.


Can I add roller blinds to my motorhome?


Following a request to your LAS VEGAS HAULING JUNK & MOVING or dealer, the after-sales service will offer to sell you and install specific rollers blinds for the models in question.


What happens if my motor home is damaged while I’m away?


Depending on the cause, your insurer or the campsite insurer will bear the costs of the accident. Check whether the clauses of your mobile home insurance contract have been respected.


For how long is my motorhome covered by the IRM warranty?


The warranty applicable to your mobile home is generally 2 years (provided that the conditions for stabilization and use have been respected), while the structure itself is covered for 3 years (roof, walls and floor). At any rate technical defects will come to light from the first month of use.


I’d like to revamp the interior of my motorhome. Who can help me with this?


IRM’s after-sales service will suggest some fabrics, seats and curtains to make your mobile home look new again.


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