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Concrete Patio Removal and Patio Concrete Breaking Service & Hauling in Las Vegas NV
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Looking for a company for concrete patio removal? Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving offers patio concrete cutting and concrete removal service in Las Vegas. We can demolish your wood patio or concrete patio and remove haul away the junk concrete or lumber. Schedule a concrete patio removal service today. Call us for patio concrete removal, concrete cutting, demolition, deck removal, patio removal, construction waste disposal, junk haul away. Cost of Patio Concrete Removal? Free estimates! Call today or book online fast!



Patio Removal Las Vegas
Patio Concrete Breaking and Removal
At Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving we offer a wide range of equipment including mini excavators, skid steer tractors, rubber tire backhoes, excavators and dump trucks.
No concrete is too thick to break with our hydra hammers, rubber tire backhoe mounted hammer and excavator mounted hammers. Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving is ready for your Las Vegas area concrete patio removal, demolition project and can haul away the broken concrete and dirt.
We typically use hydraulic hammers on skid steer tractors and mini excavators for inside or tight work areas. We also have the Brokk robotic demolition system available for indoor areas that are hard to reach.

We also provide patio concrete removal services. From cutting, sawing to removal, we’ll handle all of your concrete removal needs.

Patio Concrete Removal: How We Do It

Most of the time after patio concrete is cut, customers need for it to be removed as well. Structures that are being remodeled or repaired oftentimes require new plumbing or electrical beneath existing slab.
For interior remodeling, we use electric saws powered by a generator located on the operator’s truck.
Electric saws are used inside so that no fumes are created that would be dangerous in an enclosed area. We then cut the concrete into manageable sections that are removed by hand (ie: loaded into a wheelbarrow or onto hand trucks). Sometimes, certain structures within the concrete must stay, so we can also jackhammer around those areas and not saw cut them completely. Exterior sawing is performed with diesel saws. The concrete can be cut into larger sections for removal, saving both time and money. We can then use bobcats, hoists, pallet jacks, and other equipment to remove these larger pieces. In both cases, the concrete can be hauled off-site with our dump trucks.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Removal
Clear away your old residential and commercial concrete with hauling, removal, and demolition services from our company in Las Vegas NV. Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving specializes in concrete sawing and demolition, as well as structural demolition and hauling services. Contact us to ask about or to arrange for our competitively priced services.
Call us today at for quick, quality concrete removal services.

Concrete Sawing & Demolition
You can have Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving cut up your concrete in depths up to 10″ or completely demolish all concrete and haul it off the premises. We can work with driveways, foundations, concrete roads, and patios.

Structure Demolition & Removal
Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving can gut your home and business and tear down additions to make room for new construction. We can tear your entire structure down, clean it up, and haul it off.
Hauling Services
Our company offers full-service garbage removal and construction clean up services. Whether you need garbage transported away from your home or need commercial post-construction hauling services, we can help. We can haul off many different items, ranging from warehouses to documents; we recycle as much as we can to help preserve the environment.
Other Services
We also offer concrete driveways, patios, concrete pouring and decorative concrete services. Contact us today for more information about any of these services.







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