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Television Removal and Recycling Service and Cost in Las Vegas NV
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Television Removal and Recycling near Las Vegas NV: Finally upgraded from your old tube television to a flat screen TV? Want to make sure your out of date television set is properly disposed of? In addition to providing reliable junk removal services in Las Vegas, we also provide the only TV disposal Las Vegas residents can count on. Call us now Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving to schedule a television, old console television, tube television, projection TV, LCD TV, monitor, flat screen TV removal and disposal service. Located in Las Vegas NV. Free estimates!



Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Television Removal and Recycling
Eco-Friendly TV Removal

Finally upgraded from your old tube TV to a flatscreen? Want to make sure your out of date TV set is properly disposed of? Since it’s against most town codes to leave electronics and e-waste on the curb, just give us a call and we’ll happily take it off your hands along with any other items you need removed!
Why should you call us instead of dropping your old TV off at the local dump? Old TVs, especially CRT televisions, contain toxic lead and heavy metals such as cadmium. These elements are toxic to the environment if they are not properly disposed of. When we lug away your old TV, we bring it to a facility where all of the elements inside can be properly disposed of and recycled when possible, preventing harmful toxins from seeping into the air or water. TV recycling can also separate materials like plastic, glass, and copper wiring that can be recycled or reused in the production of new electronics.
Have questions about other appliances we take? We also specialize in Furniture Removal and Donations.


Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Junk Hauling is a full-service tv disposal contractor who specializes in understanding your goals and providing a top-notch team to execute them. From television removal to large appliance pickup, we are continuously recognized for executing excellence. Our crew provides removal services that improve your home value and quality of life. When you are ready to tailor every element of your indoor and outdoor living space, you have come to the right place.

Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction and then to strive beyond that for total customer loyalty. We believe in building relationships as strong as our remodels. Our crew has done beautiful work on behalf of many satisfied homeowners in the Las Vegas, NE area. We want you to have a positive and rewarding experience with our company. We work with our customers in implementing a long-term strategy, which results in a home environment that reflects your lifestyle.

Finally, a clean and neat home doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. We take great pride in our television removal abilities. Regardless what the extent of the work you need to be done, we adjust our workmanship to meet your needs. We are dedicated to delivering more individualized work that makes your bottom line our top priority.

We are the premier source in the Las Vegas, NV area for all of your television removal needs. For over 10 years, our customers have enjoyed our expedited and unprecedented services that are both cost-effective and professional. You will find us attentive and patient, with an abundance of ability. A collaborative connection with each customer is how we guarantee your project is finished on time.
We believe that business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With the awe-inspiring speed of revolutionizing technology, we are able to guarantee your obsolete or non-useable electronics will be recycled safely and responsibly.
We are a well-known business with Las Vegas, NV in mind. We try to get involved in neighborhood environmental projects. We give back to our city, county, and the greater Las Vegas area. We believe in what we do, and do what we believe in.

Your house is your sanctuary, and when you invest in its beauty and functionality, it pays you dividends for years to come. Regardless if you have a 19” or 60” tv, we can remove and recycle the way it is supposed to be. We care about the environment as much as anyone else, and we want to do our part in keeping it clean. When you want to get affordable tv disposal service for your residential property, use Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Junk Hauling.



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