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Unwanted Junk Item Removal: Have an unwanted item for removal? Let Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk be your junk removal solution. Check our website to view the complete list of the items we can remove and recycle for you. Located in Las Vegas NV. Free estimates same day junk removal hauling service. Unwanted furniture, unwanted bed, unwanted couch removal & haul away. Cost Of? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Unwanted Junk Item Removal Online Fast!



Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Items We Remove & Recycle

Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Junk team has the solution to your Residential and Commercial Junk Removal and Recycling needs.

Whether you’re relocating offices or moving into a new home, our team of professional local movers and junk removal specialists are prepared to handle all of the heavy lifting, packing, and recycling that comes with cleaning out your cluttered space. We can also assist with estate cleanouts.

At Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations for a junk removal company. That’s why we’re proud to stand by our team’s commitment to professionalism with every local move, pickup, and delivery.

We’re here to take everything other local moving and junk removal companies do not, including electronics recycling, heavy duty appliance removal, and furniture donation.

We’ll even take care of loading our trucks for you! No matter your junk removal and recycling needs, the Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving is team here to help.

Junk Removal and Recycling Services from Your Home or Office

At Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Junk and Moving, our team understands the stress that a cluttered home or office can bring. Our affordable heavy lifting, debris cleanup, and junk recycling services are guaranteed to save you time and energy.

When you choose Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving for your next junk removal pickup, we’ll take care of everything so you never have to lift a finger.

Furniture Removal Las Vegas

Whether you need to remove a single item or an entire house full of unwanted furniture, count on Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving for your next furniture pickup.

Our team is dedicated to making your furniture pickup fast, efficient, and hassle-free from start to finish.

We offer full-service furniture pickup, removal, and recycling for all furniture from anywhere on your property. Our professionally trained Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving crew will carry, remove, recycle, and donate your old dressers, cabinets, couches, chairs, or any other furniture you need to get rid of.
Make Space for New Furniture

Do your items deserve a second life? Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving is proud to be partnered with many local charities to help ensure your belongings find a second home.

From recycling to donating old furniture, our expert junk removal specialists will make sure that your sofa, chair, desk, or table furniture is handled with utmost care and respect.

✓ Wardrobe
✓ Chest
✓ Night Stand
Couch / Sofa
✓ Stool
✓ Curio Cabinets
✓ Folding Table
✓ Pedestals
✓ Kitchen Table
✓ Headboard
✓ Bookcase
✓ Bench
Love Seat
✓ Accent Tables
✓ Game Tables
✓ Bedroom Set
✓ Dining Room Table
✓ Futon
✓ Pantry
✓ Ottoman
✓ Blanket Racks
✓ Drawing Board
✓ Hope Chest
✓ Dinette
✓ Vanity Set
✓ TV’s
✓ Closet
✓ Hutch
✓ Chaise Lounge
✓ Recliner
✓ Coffee Table
✓ End Table
✓ Nesting Tables
✓ Dining Set
✓ Bed
✓ Record Player

Appliance Removal & Recycling Services Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving is the nation’s preferred service provider for appliance recycling and eco-friendly appliance removal and disposal.

When you schedule us for your next appliance pickup, our team of professionally-trained movers will make sure that all unwanted appliances are removed and recycled from anywhere on your property. We stand by our promise to recycle and rehome your unwanted items, and will go above and beyond to ensure that your appliances are disposed of responsibly.

From heavy-lifting to hauling your old appliances to recycling and donation centers, we’ll handle the physical labor so you never have to break a sweat.

Major Appliances

Refrigerator Removal
Washing Machine
✓ Clothes Dryer
✓ Gas Stove
✓ Electric Stove
✓ Hot Water Heater
✓ Stackable Washer/Dryer
✓ Freezers and Ice Makers
✓ Electric Cook Top
Air Conditioner
✓ Drying Cabinet
✓ Range Hoods
✓ Venting Systems
✓ Trash Compactors
✓ Wall Ovens
✓ Water Softeners
✓ Wine Refrigerators
✓ Chest Freezer
✓ Blender
✓ Garbage Disposals
✓ Room Air Conditioners
✓ Water Filters
✓ Water Dispensers
✓ Track Lighting
✓ Blenders
✓ Espresso Makers
✓ Deep Fryers
✓ Food Grinders
✓ Indoor Grills
✓ Irons
✓ Toasters
✓ Dorm Refrigerator
✓ Vacuum Cleaner
✓ Dehumidifiers
✓ Air Purifiers
✓ Coffee Makers
✓ Electric Heaters
✓ Juicers
✓ Bread Makers
✓ Dehydrators
✓ Food Processors
✓ Skillets
✓ Griddles
✓ Toaster Ovens
✓ Wine Chillers

Mattress Disposal Services Las Vegas

Do you have an old mattress taking up space in your home?

If you need a mattress removed, save yourself the time and effort of hauling it alone and call Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving for fast and efficient mattress pickup.

When you schedule our mattress disposal service, we’ll do all of the heavy lifting and difficult maneuvering so you don’t have to.

No matter how old your mattress, we guarantee our team will take the right steps to ensure your mattress is recycled and disposed of responsibly.
✓ King Size Mattress
✓ Queen Size Mattress
✓ Box Springs
✓ Memory Foam
✓ Double Size Mattress
✓ Twin Size Mattress
✓ Sleep Number
✓ Pillow Top

Office Equipment Removal Las Vegas

Is your office full of furniture you no longer need? Is your office equipment too heavy to carry on your own?

Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving is proud to offer fast and efficient Office Pickup and Disposal Services at a price that works for you.

Whether you’re stuck with a mountain of clutter in the office closet, or need a hand with heavy lifting, Las Vegas Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling Junk and Moving is ready to assist you every step of the way.

We’ll sort, load, haul, and properly dispose of every last piece of office equipment that needs to go. Plus, we’ll provide all of the proper receipts and invoices you need to make billing a breeze.

When you hire us for Office Pickup and Disposal, our team will make sure the only hand you need to lend is the one that waves goodbye to the clutter!

✓ Copy Machine
✓ Conference Table
✓ Cash Registers
✓ Adding Machines
✓ Filing Cabinets
✓ Stationary
✓ Phone Systems
✓ Whiteboards
✓ Bulletin Boards
✓ Three Ring Binders
✓ Paper Cutters
✓ Flip Charts
✓ Cubicle Walls
✓ Pallets
✓ Storage Cabinets
✓ Office Plants
✓ Office Chairs
✓ Desks & Cubicle Desks
✓ Water Coolers
✓ Typewriters
✓ Files and Folders
✓ Overhead Projectors
✓ Dentist Office Equipment
✓ Doctors Office Equipment







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